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With our BSB Direct Financing product, every deal is carefully evaluated by one our tenured credit analysts. At BSB, we never credit score deals, leaving the ultimate decision up to a machine. We understand that, just like the business and people behind it, every BSB Direct Financing credit application is unique. That is why we always have a credit analyst devoted to each application to personally evaluate each deal based on its respective individual merits.



Unlike many other direct financing sources which focus on a narrow range of credit profiles, our risk-adjusted credit pricing model allows us the flexibility to fund deals with a wide variety of credit ratings. Our credit parameters allow us to accommodate direct financing solutions for a wider range of credits compared to most other funding sources.

If you have been turned down previously due to credit, call BSB Leasing today to get the direct financing you need for your business to succeed!



Because BSB Leasing retains servicing rights for the duration of the lease term on all BSB Direct Financing deals, brokers and lessees can feel secure the process will go smoothly and every agreement will remain with BSB Leasing throughout the entirety contract.



Deals that meet our risk-adjusted credit model approval criteria have the best chance of being funded by BSB through BSB Direct Financing.

This matrix is provided to you as a guide to help you learn more about our criteria. Please contact us to discuss the uniqueness of your deal.


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