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As an industry-experienced liaison between lessees, brokers, and funding institutions since 1983, our goal at the BSB Syndication Desk is to ensure smooth, timely transaction processing using flexible credit services, customized and unique funding institution packages, and computer-generated documentation every step of the way.


An experienced BSB Funding representative is assigned to each deal, meaning the same staff member will work with you from start to finish until funding is secured and you are satisfied.


For every deal, our BSB Syndication Desk handles:



Our credit services staff works to achieve the highest possible approval ratios from the financial institution for each unique business credit application we process.

We evaluate such pertinent credit items as:

  • Time in business
  • Satisfactory banking history
  • Collateral value
  • Personal credit history

This criteria forms the credit foundation and positions the deal for a painless formal approval from the lending institution.



Our BSB Syndication Desk works with a variety of financial institutions representing a wide breadth of financing products and services. We source each new business application individually in such a way that it is presented to potential funding institutions in their preferred format. This proprietary knowledge regarding financial institution packaging preferences gives our expert representatives an advantage unmatched by most other leasing options.

At BSB Leasing, we help our customers pull together all the necessary information so that every deal has the best possible opportunity of being approved and eventually funded.



The BSB Syndication Desk prepares and stores all of the necessary documents for you so you can free up your staff for more profitable activities – like running your day-to-day business operations.


All documentation is computergenerated and is of the highest professional quality, ensuring all necessary documentation will be easily accessible when you need it.