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By dealing in equipment, you deal in efficiency and problem solving. You understand the value of having the right tool for the job. BSB Leasing understands your business and how hard you work to get people what they need to succeed. In that spirit, BSB wants to return the favor and give YOU a tool to breathe a little extra life into your business. 


BSB’s Vendor Partner Program offers up to 12% profit-sharing on every deal. Three basic levels allow you to choose how involved you would like to be in the financing process. We can handle the entire transaction, or simply guide your finance manager through our process. Each of these levels is based on a model that is tailored to suite your individual business needs, maximize convenience, and provide profit sharing to boost your revenues. Inquire to get more information on the vendor services BSB provides.

level oneLevel 1
For businesses with a full-fledged finance manager that will handle transactions from start to finish. This level offers increased profit sharing. Your finance manager handles the transaction from beginning to end, and communicates everything to the customer. BSB has no customer interaction.

level twoLevel 2
For businesses with sales reps or administrative staff who will handle a portion of the process, but need a BSB rep to get them to the finish line. Your staff is responsible for taking an application, and the eventually signing of official leasing documents. However, BSB will happily handle everything in between. Communicating with the customer on payment plans and options, and setting you up for a pain free closing. As always, BSB offers a great profit sharing program with all its vendor partners at this level.

level threeLevel 3
At this level BSB handles the entirety of the leasing transaction – from start to finish. BSB will happily work with your customer from filling out the application all the way to the signing of the loan documents. This can be very advantageous as having a leasing professional explain the terms of a loan in easy to understand terms can improve closing percentages on the loan. Never have to argue with your customer over terms of financing again, BSB is here to help. We can even offer full syndication for your customer’s when it is a deal we cannot do. Taking a lot of stress and wasted time away from you to run your business. Although profit sharing is not quite as lucrative at this level, the overall benefit to your business in terms of revenue can be dramatic.



BSB is a true direct funding source. That means less frustration dealing with a middle man. Direct communication with a decision maker makes the process quick and easy. BSB serves a wide range of credits. We truly help you get the deal done. Isn’t that what you’re looking for in a finance company?


We create relationships with Vendors directly because we want to see your business succeed. We want to earn your trust and build a long-term relationship. We know this will help both of our businesses grow.


A direct partnership with BSB means no inflated rates passed on to your customer. We make sure your customers get the best rate possible, and by cutting out the middleman, it allows us to engage in profit-sharing, with you, the vendor.


Determining what program will work best for you is done quickly by our service specialists. Fill out the form below and we will set up a quick consultation to answer questions and see which level is the best fit for your business.