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More funding sources.
More closed deals.
BSB - your SuperBroker

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The superbroker with the strongest reputation.

The one who's been trusted for more than 40 years.

The one who supercharges your lending network

The best superbroker is easy to remember. It's BSB.

Every Broker Wants the BSB
-the Best SuperBroker

Why BSB Leasing?

BSB Leasing is a superpowered extention of your team. As a funding resource and industry leader in the small business commercial finance marketplace since 1982, we exist to give your business a competitive edge. 

Working with BSB Leasing is easy. We offer brokers the benefit of a direct funding source, a finance relationship representative, and matchmaker. That means unequaled access to funding resources without shopping your transactions around. And it means the ability to get more approvals and make more money.

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Ask anyone. BSB Leasing knows equipment finance, and the industry knows us. 

Ours is a deep foundation of mutual trust. A single application gives you access to multiple credible funding opportunities: then, now, and always.

Not just a resource.
Not just a broker
a superbroker

The SuperBroker

What our partners say:

"I have booked dozens of deals with BSB Leasing over more than two decades. These deals have been both large and small, solid credits and weaker credits, weird collateral and weird industries. We've overcome obstacles and objections together. Their rates are competitive and fair, and they occasionally make mistakes like we all do. But what I like and admire about BSB is their people. Their staff have been there forever and provide the kind of stability and consistence that I know I can count on time and time again!"

Spencer Richman, CLFP

American Financial Network, Inc

Cleveland, Ohio

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Experience sells.
Yours and ours.

The management team responsible for credit and syndication at BSB Leasing has more than a century of combined expertise, We know the challenges faced by experienced brokers. That's why they keep coming back to us.

Whether you're well-established, newly independent, or just looking for supplemental or unique solutions, we'll get your transactions approved and funded. We help brokers close more deals, period.

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An advocate who makes
connections for you.

We help brokers do more with less effort. Like matching your transactions with good funding. Like helping with back office personnel. Like helping you score a few extra points on your deals.

We take your most complicated deals and translate them in a way funding sources are more comfortable with. We know their criteria. We take those deals and get them approved, with better rates.

Become a registered BSB Leasing broker today

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